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Welcome and the first post!

Hello World! I just wanted to say what all blogs say by default. I would like to call myself FASTF1>>> and I am the main blogger of this great and open-minded blog. Of course, this is the boring stuff, but you have to start from somewhere so people know who you are and start to interact (there he goes!). I hope that’s not how this blog will end (people already are going to leave, u *****), in fact, I hope there won’t be an end to this blog (u wish!). Let’s be a bit more optimistic, shall we? This is my style of blogging, commenting about my own opinion and trying to find an opposite side! (blah blah blah… I thought this was a car-related blog. TurboLane, wat a joke! More like Prius Lane! get it?)

I will start posting soon, I am still working out how to start this blog off, but I know my first topic and you know it is going to be interesting (he he he… u serious?). Be back for my first car-related post that will ignite the engine of this monstereous blog! Behold the magnificance.


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