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Should Big 3 of America Stay?

One of the big topics in car industry is (POWERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!), no, it’s the economic crisis and the sales plummeting like a free fall (oh, that’s fun like the DBS that was destroyed in a FREE FALL and still sold at the retail price, that’s the best resell value, I tell you, after it being wrecked, no loss!!!!). All car companies are trying to come up with a way to live in this bad economy (Not all of them, Mini had an increase of sales of about 40% this year, I guess more girls getting their license in high school!!!) and GM and Ford are no exception except they are in a deeper problem. You see, they have been losing money since 2002 and this year was no exception, the market shares have gone down dramatically. 2008 was just another year of loss for them, but the biggest one yet! GM and Ford have been trying to get back on track (but have failed miserably and need to be out of business, like Circuit City or other businesses which fail) with their new cars like Chevy Volt or Ford Fusion Hybrid, now Americans are trying Diesel in America in the near future. (No more slow car!!!!) Now, GM and Ford have traveled to DC for their hearings last Thursday 11/20 (with their freaking private jets, jeeez, couldn’t just take one for the team and travel first class or commercial) asking for 25 billion dollars of tax payers money and that did not go well. Now, they have a second chance (I bet this they will come couch not even commercial, hehehe) later next week to substantiate their need of the tax money. Remember though, Auto industry is one of the many fundamentals of the US economy and with one less, it will certainly have some efect on the already bad economy. Additionally, 2.5 – 3 million american jobs will be out after such disaster. Now, the question is, should they let GM and Ford go out of business or should they Bail them out?




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