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The most beautiful car in the world!!!

Finally, this is it! You can choose which car is the most beatiful car in the world. All the cars on this list are definitely by far the best looking cars of them all, but the question is which is the best of the best!? Here are some photos of each so you an idea.

Alfa Romeo 8C




Aston Martin DBS




Bugatti Veyron




Pagani Zonda




1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang




Thanks for voting!

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Welcome and the first post!

Hello World! I just wanted to say what all blogs say by default. I would like to call myself FASTF1>>> and I am the main blogger of this great and open-minded blog. Of course, this is the boring stuff, but you have to start from somewhere so people know who you are and start to interact (there he goes!). I hope that’s not how this blog will end (people already are going to leave, u *****), in fact, I hope there won’t be an end to this blog (u wish!). Let’s be a bit more optimistic, shall we? This is my style of blogging, commenting about my own opinion and trying to find an opposite side! (blah blah blah… I thought this was a car-related blog. TurboLane, wat a joke! More like Prius Lane! get it?)

I will start posting soon, I am still working out how to start this blog off, but I know my first topic and you know it is going to be interesting (he he he… u serious?). Be back for my first car-related post that will ignite the engine of this monstereous blog! Behold the magnificance.

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