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2009 BMW M5 vs 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG (The ULTIMATE battle of Germans)

Finally, the fight of the beasts have begun. The almighty M5 and the mad CLS63 come to the battle ground once again, but with slight face lifts and some with heart surgeries. (interesting, see what you did there!!!). Starting with BMW’s M division (POWEEEEERRRRR division!), they have created a legend here. Last M5 was nothing in the nature sluggish or fat 4-door ish, it was a sensation and symphony (oh come on, that’s cliche). The new M5 though, some think has left us none of that fun! CLS63 has no history (Good, then no BS… you can get right into the point) behind its growling V8 (there we go again, you can get that out of anything, can’t you?), but with AMG, you have unlimited history, in fact, great history.




The 2009 BMW M5 with its V10 naturally aspired 5.0 liter engine definitely has got the guts to punch the opponent outside of the stage. That V10 produces a whopping 500 bhp at 7750 RPM with 383 lb-ft of torque at 6100 RPM. These figures are staggering and they are a lot for a car in this size. Some say, with minimal tuning, it can beat the Lamborghini Gallardo, but I am not convinced. It goes from dead zero to 60 in about 4.5 seconds. The fatal error Germans make in their cars is limiting their speed to 155 mph, but if that limiter was not there, it would go up to about 192 mph All this comes with a nicely packaged 5 series chassis and comfort. All the luxury are there including a fascinating head up display that shows your speed, RPM, and the G-force that is happening at that moment. All good then, or is it? Many people have complained that the M5 has not kept its heritage from its ancestors and that there are simply too many electronics controlling what you do. In addition to that, it is a difficult to live with this car. Here is why, until you press the “M” button which settings could be preset, the ca is going to be very sluggish and slow as well as very chunky and this BMW’s way of making it possible to live with everyday, but frankly if they left it alone with extreme performance, it would have been more pure and better. Overall, The 2009 BMW M5 is a great car to drive when you want to drive, but at the same it is an annoying car when trying to drive it just to get somewhere or when trying to drive slowly because you have clients in the car. The new M5 is what they call performance only car, not very practical for everyday use. Not to mention that the staggering engine and power comes at a cost. First, the fuel consumption is out of hand with EPA estimated 11/17 (city/hwy) (hey that’s my line!!!!!), secondly, the car is very expensive at around $95,000 if well equipped and in the first 2 years it is going to depreciate almost to 50%. The M5 then is a great car, but one of the most impractical purchases you are going to make, but then again it’s worth the beast’s magnificence.




No worries though, they have said that the new 2011 M5 will have a turbocharger boosting power to 550 – 580 bhp and increasing the displacement to 5.5 so something look forward to.

Now that we have talked about one side of the competition, it’s time to give the other side growl with its hand built 6.3 liter V8 producing 507 bhp at 6800 RPM and 465 lb-ft of torque at 5200 RPM, which makes the CLS go from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds. The top speeds are close, but in a straight line, the cls63 is superior; however, it is in corners that the legendary BMW’s handling comes to play wins the battle. Perhaps we jumped in conclusions too early. The CLS63 certainly looks better than the M5, it is also more stylish on interior. This car is much more civilized than the M5 and the best part is that it is very easy to live with and it is completely practical. It is a tourer when all the prevention systems are on such the traction control, but when you turn those off, it will make the driving experience very intense and joyous. As expected, it’s not always all good, while you get the elegance from the Mercedes or the style or the lunacy, but what you don’t get from the Mercedes is the fun that you get out of the BMW. You see, when you turn off the traction control, it is still breaking and trying to get the car straight, but nobody likes that and that of course, means that after a while, your breaks are going to heat up and etc.




Which one would you buy if you were to buy one? Let us know because your opinion is important to us. thanks.


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Should Big 3 of America Stay?

One of the big topics in car industry is (POWERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!), no, it’s the economic crisis and the sales plummeting like a free fall (oh, that’s fun like the DBS that was destroyed in a FREE FALL and still sold at the retail price, that’s the best resell value, I tell you, after it being wrecked, no loss!!!!). All car companies are trying to come up with a way to live in this bad economy (Not all of them, Mini had an increase of sales of about 40% this year, I guess more girls getting their license in high school!!!) and GM and Ford are no exception except they are in a deeper problem. You see, they have been losing money since 2002 and this year was no exception, the market shares have gone down dramatically. 2008 was just another year of loss for them, but the biggest one yet! GM and Ford have been trying to get back on track (but have failed miserably and need to be out of business, like Circuit City or other businesses which fail) with their new cars like Chevy Volt or Ford Fusion Hybrid, now Americans are trying Diesel in America in the near future. (No more slow car!!!!) Now, GM and Ford have traveled to DC for their hearings last Thursday 11/20 (with their freaking private jets, jeeez, couldn’t just take one for the team and travel first class or commercial) asking for 25 billion dollars of tax payers money and that did not go well. Now, they have a second chance (I bet this they will come couch not even commercial, hehehe) later next week to substantiate their need of the tax money. Remember though, Auto industry is one of the many fundamentals of the US economy and with one less, it will certainly have some efect on the already bad economy. Additionally, 2.5 – 3 million american jobs will be out after such disaster. Now, the question is, should they let GM and Ford go out of business or should they Bail them out?




Respond in the poll below. Don’t forget about the previous polls (yeah, since you are here, don’t be lazy and let us know what you think.)

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The most beautiful car in the world!!!

Finally, this is it! You can choose which car is the most beatiful car in the world. All the cars on this list are definitely by far the best looking cars of them all, but the question is which is the best of the best!? Here are some photos of each so you an idea.

Alfa Romeo 8C




Aston Martin DBS




Bugatti Veyron




Pagani Zonda




1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang




Thanks for voting!

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Welcome and the first post!

Hello World! I just wanted to say what all blogs say by default. I would like to call myself FASTF1>>> and I am the main blogger of this great and open-minded blog. Of course, this is the boring stuff, but you have to start from somewhere so people know who you are and start to interact (there he goes!). I hope that’s not how this blog will end (people already are going to leave, u *****), in fact, I hope there won’t be an end to this blog (u wish!). Let’s be a bit more optimistic, shall we? This is my style of blogging, commenting about my own opinion and trying to find an opposite side! (blah blah blah… I thought this was a car-related blog. TurboLane, wat a joke! More like Prius Lane! get it?)

I will start posting soon, I am still working out how to start this blog off, but I know my first topic and you know it is going to be interesting (he he he… u serious?). Be back for my first car-related post that will ignite the engine of this monstereous blog! Behold the magnificance.

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